homeopathy treatment by best homeopathy doctor in kolkata


As we said earlier, every method of treatment has its own limitations. means there are certain situations where allopathy becomes ineffective. Also, in some scenarios, before considering homoeopathy, we should know the actual stage of the illness or the irregularities. Because homoeopathy is not an emergency medicine.But it is also true that homoeopathy medicines prescribed by a qualified doctor after thorough analysis of the symptoms, can provide quick and better recovery. Surgical treatments provided for warts or granuloma, piles and kidney stones do not guarantee long-lasting recovery. But correct homoeopathic treatment can cure the issue and also eliminate the chances of recurrence. Surgical treatments should not be the first option to cure any illness. But we should always take consultation from a qualified doctor to know the actual stage of the illness and to choose the right method to treat it.

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