Homeopathy Treatment of Kidney Stones in Kolkata by Dr. Anindita Mukherjee

Homeopathy Treatment of Kidney Stones in Kolkata – Dr. Anindita Mukherjee (One of the best homeopathy doctor in Kolkata)

Homoeopathy Treatment Of Kidney Stones in Kolkata

Kidney stones are the accumulation of various small and hard minerals and salt. This accumulation of minerals and salts can give you severe pain while moving through your urinary tract. It can develop by concentrating calcium, uric acid, minerals, and salt. In the article you will know the detail of Homeopathy Treatment of Kidney Stones in Kolkata.

Different Types of Kidney Stones

Calcium stones: This is a very common kidney stone. These types of stones develop from calcium accumulation in your kidney. Overconsumption of calcium reach food is the main cause behind this calcium stone.

Uric acid stones:  This type of kidney stone generally occurs due to highly acidic urine. Generally, men get affected by this type of stone more than women. Purine-rich food leads to this kind of kidney stone. Purine is a colorless substance in animal proteins, like – fish, meats, etc.

Struvite stone: Normally women suffer more from this type of stone. This occurs from a kidney infection. 

Cystine stone :

The cystine stone is very rare. 

Reason for forming Kidney Stones

a. Drinking less amount of water.

b. Having a diet that is rich in protein, sodium, and sugar.

c. Having a family history of kidney stones.

d. overweight.

e. Suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases.

f. Deposit a high amount of calcium and other minerals in your kidney. 

g. Consumption of certain medicines can cause kidney stones.

i. Suffering from polycystic kidney disease. 

Symptoms –

The symptoms of kidney stones are below –

a. Severe pain in your lower abdomen and back.

b. Pain while urination

c. Bleeding through urine

d. Vomiting and nausea

e. Fever

Homeopathy Treatment for Cold Sore

In homeopathy, there are various treatments like

1.Give relief from acute renal pain.

2.Treatment for removing the stone.

3.Prevent recurrence of stone.

In the recent era, homeopathy is the most effective treatment for renal calculi without any surgical intervention.


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