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Best treatment for Nasal Polyps using homoeopathy

Treatment for nasal polyp

A nasal polyp is a round-like growth (inflamed tissue like a small cyst) within the nasal cavity, which can create health problems. The larger polyps can cause breathing difficulty, sneezing problems, losing the sense of smell, and a dampening of taste as well.


Sometimes a person may have polyp with no previous nasal problems. However, the common causes of nasal polyp are-

a. chronic or recurring sinus infections
b. asthma
c. allergic rhinitis, or hay fever
d. cystic fibrosis
e. Churg-Strauss syndrome
f. Hereditary


Common signs and symptoms of chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps include:
a. runny nose
b. Persistent stuffiness
c. Postnasal drip
d. Decreased or absent sense of smell
e. Loss of sense of taste
f. Headache
g. Teeth Pain
h. Snoring

Conventional Treatment

In conventional treatment, the doctors usually prescribe surgery, but homoeopathy remedies effectively cure the nasal polyps by reducing the size and lessening the symptoms over time.

Homoeopathy Treatment

Homoeopathy is strongly recommended to treat nasal polyps. The treatment is most effective especially when they are small in size. This helps you avoid surgery and its inherent complications. Homeopathy also minimizes the chance of recurrence.


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