best homeopathy treatment by Dr. Anindita Mukherjee for Vitiligi in kolkata, Belgharia, Barrackpore

Best treatment for Vitiligo using homoeopathy

Treatment for Vitiligo or “Sweti(Bengali)” or “Safed daag(Hindi)”

Vitiligo or “Sweti(Bengali)” or “Safed daag(Hindi)” is a condition where the skin loses its natural color by developing white or light skin-colored patches. Our skin color depends on the pigments that exist under the skin. This happens if there is a destruction of our skin pigments or there is a problem in the production of skin pigments in our body. This is an autoimmune disease.

Vitiligo can affect any parts of our skin including hair, mucocutaneous junctions like – lips, corners of the mouth, genitals, etc.

vitiligo does not cause any damage to any major organ or part of our body. Vitiligo can affect a person emotionally. As per scientific research around 50% of vitiligo sufferers show negative effects on their emotions, social life, and relationships.


Actual cause of such disease is unknown but the factors which may contribute generating such skin disease are –

a. Autoimmunity
b. Heredity
c. Hormonal factors
d. Injury or any previous skin disease
e. Chemicals or drugs

Homoeopathy Treatment

a. Homeopathy tries to treat the root cause by correcting the imbalances that occur in the immune system.
b. control the further spread of vitiligo.
c. stimulates the skin pigments melanocytes to generate melanin and hence helps to regain the normal skin color.
d. reduces the destruction of melanocytes.

Homeopathic medicines are effective, safe, and give long-lasting relief without any side effects.


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