poor weight gain treatment by best homeopathy doctor in kolkata

Homoeopathy treatment of poor weight gain

Poor weight gain is commonly found in infants and teenagers. This is a condition when your child gains weight at a slower pace compared to other children of the same age and sex.


There could be various causes of not gaining weight.

a. Babies with celiac disease have a shortage of lactase enzymes. This enzyme helps to digest milk and other dairy products. Babies with such disease produce insufficient albumin in their body and produce a high volume of three other proteins called fibrin which slows the digestive process.

b. Inadequate intake of calories and malnutrition could be also a cause of poor weight gain. So you need to consult with a good pediatrician.

c. Abnormal levels of thyroid hormones, etc.

If left untreated it may result in poor growth and development of your child’s muscles and organs.

Signs and Symptoms:

a. No change in weight of the child for more than three months.
b. No or less increase in height compared to others of the same age.
c. Fatigue, dizziness, sadness.
d. Easily prone to infections.
e. Eating disorders.
f. Anger.
g. Poor concentration levels, and absentmindedness.

Conventional Treatment

The conventional treatment includes intake of supplements and overdose of these may interfere with food absorption. Conventional treatment may also include Anti-Helminthics (medicine to treat worm infestations) and stopping such medicines may cause recurring worm infestations again. Taking antibiotics for repeated infections may cause diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite and may also interfere with food absorption.

Homoeopathy Treatment:

Poor weight gain can be corrected naturally with the right homoeopathy medication and a proper diet. Homoeopathy should be the first method of treatment for your child as you don’t want your child to continue conventional tablets and other medicines that have side effects too. Homoeopathy helps the cells of the digestive mucosa more susceptible to the enzymes and makes it easier for the cells to assimilate and absorb the food. Homoeopathy cures the disease to its root by restoring the normal functions of the cells and organs. It doesn’t have any side effects and helps in reducing and eliminating the tendency of having worms.

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